Staten Island Relocation Lawyer

Experience is important in many areas of divorce law but none are quite as tricky as relocation law. In order to relocate during or after a divorce, it’s necessary to show to the court that it’s in the interests of the child. Sometimes a non-custodial or joint custody parent will step in and try to prevent the other parent from relocating. That’s when it’s our job to step in and use our 40 years of combined experience in divorce law to get the outcome for the child and for the parent who wants to move.

While relocation law varies by state, it’s obvious that the courts want a relocation which will be beneficial to the child. If not beneficial specifically, it can’t do harm to a child. This can be extremely tricky because children don’t just live with a custodial parent. They belong to the school and community where that parent has lived. When the parent moves, it can have adverse on the child in question.

Legal perspectives on relocation

Not every relocation case will be about obtaining the right to relocate. Sometimes we represent parents who believe that their child shouldn’t relocate. Thankfully we know both sides of the law very well and believe that relocation is okay in some instances and in some instances will be harmful to a child. We use our decades of legal experience and thousands of cases worth of experience to determine what is going to be for the parent and child we represent.

Courts will want to ensure that the move is in the interest of the child on a financial, community, parent-child relationship, and educational basis. Moving a child far away from a parent the child is very close to will of course be different from a situation where the non-custodial parent and child aren’t as bonded together. It’s a case by case basis in most instances but always remember that the court is looking for one thing: What’s for this child? It’s not about the parents but about the children. Moving a child away from a community that they love can be damaging too. In some cases, it’s not.

Whatever your relocation situation is, we’re able to take on your case, communicate effectively with you, and determine the possible outcome for your child. Then it’s up to us to communicate this to the court. Very experienced lawyers like our tough team of NYC divorce lawyers know exactly how to approach courtrooms and communicate your interests better than less experienced lawyers. Especially in relocation cases where your entire life hangs in the balance of the outcome, it’s vital to hire a lawyer that has worked these types of cases before.

We’re here always to help people who want to relocate during or after a divorce or for people who want to prevent a negative relocation by a parent. Either case is something we’re capable of approaching and working on with your outcome in mind always. We’re available to call with any questions you might have about relocation. We believe that once you speak with us about this area of divorce law, you’ll never call another firm again. We’re your stop to get a relocation outcome you truly can live with.