Staten Island Spousal Support Lawyer

We are aggressive, passionate NYC divorce lawyers that believe strongly in the work we do. It’s our job to make sure that spouses who have surrendered their careers for the good of the marriage to receive the spousal support they need to continue on after a divorce. A divorce is difficult enough on the non-earner spouse without having to worry about how they will continue to support themselves in the event of a divorce.

It’s our job to step in and weigh the facts of a marriage’s financial state. Alimony is the spousal support that will allow a spouse to avoid the horrors of financial crisis after a divorce. If someone has quit a job or didn’t work during the marriage because they were taking care of the home, then that person does not deserve to be thrust into financial catastrophe just because the marriage didn’t work out. They’ve given up financial stability to support a marriage that they believed would last forever. As NYC divorce lawyers, we encounter many cases where a husband or wife stayed at home and didn’t earn their own income because it was better for the marriage. A divorce is more than just an emotionally trying time for these clients. They need to also know that they won’t be homeless or destitute after a divorce.

Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience and operate in offices in three different locations in the Staten Island area. We’ve worked on thousands of cases over the years and are well-versed in spousal support/alimony laws.

Important laws regarding spousal support

Calculating alimony

Alimony will vary marriage to marriage, state to state. Factors that help us to calculate the amount of alimony our clients should receive include the income of each spouse, number of children they have, marital standard of living, and of course, the length of time both parties were married to each other.

Length of time you receive alimony

This is another long-ranging question. It can be for just a few months or it can go on throughout the rest of your life. We will look at many factors to determine what length of time you should request alimony for. It’s one of the many things that we’re accustomed to dealing with and we always get the most amount of alimony possible for our clients. We also help clients get more manageable alimony payments. We’re capable of getting both results for our clients.

Wage garnishment for non-payment

Spouses don’t just get a neat order saying to pay. They are obligated to do so. If you have a spouse that refuses to pay their share of alimony, we’re able to mediate between the both of you and we can even aggressively pursue wage garnishment proceedings against a spouse who refuses to pay. On the other side, we also mediate and help to get alimony payments reduced.

We’re happy that you’ve discovered our legal services. Divorces require lawyers who have a lot of experience and who know divorce laws very well. With four decades of experience, we’re confident that we are the right lawyers to call when you have questions about spousal support law. We look forward to helping you during this difficult time.