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If you’re divorcing your partner, establishing child support for minor children is within your rights. Every child deserves financial support from both parents, even when one is out of the home. The issue of child support is sometimes handled during divorce proceedings, but if it is not, you may return to court at any time to establish a court order for child support. When you go to court, go with an experienced Staten Island child support lawyer standing by your side.

Why You Need a Child Support Lawyer

Asking a former spouse for money, even when it is for support of children, can be a very touchy subject that causes disagreements, frustration, anguish, and more. Your spouse may feel that you’re punishing him for the dissolution of the marriage, or promise to pay you directly. There are numerous benefits of having an established court order support, and you should never feel guilty for asking for help for your child. When you work with a child support attorney, the lawyer handles all communications and the paperwork involved in the matter, minimizing the need for communication with your spouse. It also lessens the tensions and reduces stress.

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Legal Guidance for Non-Custodial Parent

If you are the non-custodial parent of a child, you may also need the services of a competent child support attorney when you feel you’re paying too much money, when you lose or change employment, and for many other reasons. Did you overpay money? Did you pay directly to the custodial parent? These issues are just a couple that can arise for a non-custodial parent. The child support lawyer can ensure that the case is handled fairly. While all children deserve support, there are laws that must be followed. When you think something is wrong, a competent attorney can ensure that things are made right.

It is always best for a non-custodial parent to appear in court with an attorney. Oftentimes, non-custodial parents have an unfair advantage and need the extra support, guidance, and the voice they’re given when there is a lawyer standing there to represent the case.

staten island Child Support Lawyer

A staten island child support lawyer is an experienced legal professional who will help you with a child support case whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent, and regardless of the type of help you need. When you want child support paid for your child(ren,) do not take the hard route when it is easy to get a competent lawyer who can make matters far less difficult for everyone involved? It is safe to say you need a child support attorney when dealing with this matter on any level.