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When a couple divorce, often the father is given some visitation rights but ends up paying for child support. The process may seem easy and quick, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. If you are in a custody case, it’s important to note that paying for or receiving child support often involves a complicated process that is difficult for anyone going through it. This necessitates the legal representation by a competent child support lawyer.

Family courts follow certain laws and guidelines in every aspect of child support case determination. A seasoned child support attorney knows exactly how to file a case; how to present your case; how payments will be made; and who to report to when there is a problem. It’s an overwhelming process for a layperson. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you have an experienced lawyer on your side. If you still think you can do it better on your own, here are more benefits of having a seasoned child support attorney assist with your case.

Help You Navigate The Process

Most divorcing couples are never on friendly terms, and this can jeopardize a child support case. A lot of emotions are involved, and this makes filing for child support a stressful process. A child support lawyer will assess your case and explain what happens in every stage and what you should expect. They will help you identify your options. An attorney will act as a third party with your interests at heart and will help both of you navigate through the process easily and quickly.

Collecting Enough Evidence

You should note that a family court is always careful to make decisions based on the welfare of the child and also the evidence presented by the two parents. The parent who has the best interest of the child is usually the court’s favorite. It is, therefore, fundamental to ensure that you have enough evidence if you want to win your case. A child support lawyer will help you gather sufficient evidence that can be used to influence the judge to make the judgment in your favor.

Calculating Child Support Payment

Child support is calculated differently in each state. The calculations are based on whether both parents have joint custody or one parent has sole custody of the child. Regardless of the court’s ruling, calculating child support can be confusing. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an experienced lawyer to do the calculations for you. You will be relaxed knowing that a knowledgeable legal expert is handling your case.

The calculations are also based on how much you earn per month if you are to pay for the child support. There are many divorce cases out there where people lie about their earning or even lie about their partner’s salary. If you are the non-custodial parent, a child custody lawyer will help you show how much you make and will also fight fearlessly to ensure your interests are safe and secure. For the custodial parents, a child support will help you determine if the other part is lying about their earnings and help you get a deal that is reasonable for you and your child.

Establishing Child’s Paternity

This is the most difficult step. You may think it’s a walk in the park, but it’s not. This stage is critical, and one must be careful to ensure there are no mistakes. If you are the custodial parent, you are legally required to establish your child’s paternity before the court makes its decision. A child support attorney will help you with deal with the process and also help you fill the required paperwork. A lawyer will also help the non-custodial parent present their interest to establish paternity.
Preparing And Responding To Critical Questions

What is a child support court order? What is the child support payment plan? What factors influence the court’s decision? What are the consequences of not paying for child support? How will child support affect your financial plans? How do you initiate the paternity topic? These are some of the issues that a child custody lawyer will help solve. They know how the courts work and will make it easy for you.

Also, you should note that preparedness is used as a key factor when making a court’s decision. Reputable child support lawyers have years of experience and will help you prepare before you present your case in front of the judge. They will help you gather necessary documents and files to ensure the case outcomes are in your favor. Besides, if the non-custodial parent refuses to pay, a lawyer will ensure that proper actions are taken.

You may think that an expert from your local Child Support Enforcement Department is enough to help you deal with a child support issues. However, it’s advisable to hire an experienced child support lawyer to assist you with every detail of the case. If you are faced with the complex child support matters in Staten Island, always feel free to contact us for excellent legal services.


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