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Posted By Adam Denton, On July 18, 2017

When you face legal challenges related to child abuse, child neglect, or child custody, your chances of successfully mounting a strong defense depend on the quality, competence, and experience of the lawyers you hire. The stakes in abuse and neglect cases are quite high both emotionally and financially. Only by choosing an attorney who aggressively represents your interests do you increase the chances of emerging victorious against the plaintiff or defendant.

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The Spodek Law Group, a team of attorneys with more than 50-year experience helping domestic abuse, educational institutions abuse, and nursing home abuse victims, offers reliability and a proven track record to you as well. As advocates with hundreds of abuse and neglect cases successfully concluded to our credit, our New York legal team can use tested legal techniques to defend your case too.

High-Quality Legal Representation in New York

The Spodek Law Group starts by seeking to understand your legal issues before making a decision on the best strategy to secure victory for divorce and neglect clients. Evaluating each case, which gives the opportunity for providing individualized advice to our customers, is the hallmark of our practice.

You can expect full commitment and excellent services from us always. We have a wealth of knowledge about divorce and child neglect matters to help you make the right choices whether your case is settled out-of-court or before a magistrate. Common allegations in nursing homes include lack of hygiene, use of chemical sedatives, bed sore cases, and emotional abuse by staff.

Accused of Child Abuse in New York?

When a parent struggles with child neglect accusations and the child stays in a children’s home for protection, the father or mother feels guilty and helpless. The New York Department of Human Services may begin the legal process to have you pay for dependency and action taken against you for neglect.

The NY social workers may contact you concerning the neglect or abuse of your child. It will help to consult our lawyers for guidance on how to defend yourself. Also, as a teacher or nursing home caretaker accused of abuse, do not risk starting a defense plan without a lawyer’s input.

What is an Abuse and Neglect Allegation?

NY child abuse laws fall under the penal code and deal with the cruelty suffered by children. Physical maltreatment, exploitation, sexual assault, physical battering are forms of child abuse. Neglect may involve abandonment, the failure to provide food, water, medication, heat, eyeglasses, cleanliness, dentures, and health services.

To the NY Human Services Department, allegations of child mistreatment are a serious issue. Upon the filing of a child abuse case against a parent, the department may authorize the removal of your child for a temporary stay in a relatives’ house or foster home.

It is never easy to regain your parental rights after the action by the Social Services. Our attorneys will work with you to prevent your name being entered into the New York registry of child abusers.

How to Respond to Neglect and Abuse Allegations

As much as you possibly can, you need to avoid talking to the investigators looking into the neglect or abuse case. As the case may have both criminal and civil consequences, let our lawyers handle the issue on your behalf.

NY Defense Lawyers in Child Abuse or Neglect

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