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Any time that you are looking to get the most out of a divorce case, you’ll need to understand the points that will make it happen smoothly. When you and your spouse are going through the divorce process, hurt feelings can become problematic and make it difficult to go through divorce proceedings properly. If you are a divorcee that not only wants help for your filing, but to also seek things like alimony, you’ll need to look at the big picture when going through the necessary guidelines.

Think of these tips below so that you get help with any sort of divorce case.

#1: Know what New York divorce law states

According to New York divorce law, you are able to file an uncontested no-fault divorce petition or a fault divorce petition. In terms of fault divorce, some reasons for dissolution of marriage include adultery, cruel treatment and imprisonment. The type of divorce filing that you get will also inform the rest of the steps that you must take.

When you are filing a no-fault divorce, all you need to claim is that the two of you have differences that are irretrievable. From here, you will need to file separate petitions related to things like child custody and alimony. You may need to hire a lawyer sooner than you think, because even when filing for alimony or custody, there may be a claim over which spouse is responsible for handling the legal filing fees.

#2: File for alimony if necessary

Alimony is something that is common in divorce cases, because it provides spousal support either long-term or short-term. Alimony is paid out in order to grant the other divorcee the lifestyle that they had while married. This can be done on a long-term basis for in the short term just to give the other spouse enough time to make income of their own. Because a lot of this will come down to the discretion of the judge, hiring a seasoned law firm is necessary.

Whether you are the person filing for alimony or if you feel like your spouse is asking for alimony unnecessarily or in an unreasonable amount, you too will need a professional law firm to assist you.

#3: Go through mediation whenever possible

Make sure that you bring in attorneys who can assist you with mediation as well. Professional mediation gives you the chance to negotiate alimony amounts outside of court instead of wasting precious time and money handling everything at trial hearings. Even if alimony is not on the table, be sure that you take part in mediation sessions that will help you come to agreements for every other matter related to your divorce so that you are protecting your rights while remaining amicable.

These three tips alone will be helpful to you if you are a person in the state of New York who is looking to end a marriage. Hiring a divorce lawyer like Todd Spodek can be a great way to get started with this and also moved toward the desired result. His law firm is skilled at every measure of divorce law — from a typical filing to prenuptial plans or child-support hearings.

In following these guidelines, you will be protective of your rights and able to get the divorce and alimony payment that you need.