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What if my husband lied during our mediation?

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A divorce is a stressful process. If you are going through a divorce, then there is a great deal at stake, which includes debts, child support, child custody, assets, alimony, and more. Divorces not only causes stress, but it can also have an impact on you and your husband’s lifestyle. Because of this, your husband may lie to protect his lifestyle and interests. When your spouse lies in court, such as in a divorce mediation, then he could face criminal charges if he is caught.

Although it can be difficult to handle your husband lying during a divorce mediation, it is vital to rely on the legal system, which gives you an increased chance of protecting your assets and getting what you deserve. You also need to remain calm and maintain a mature and professional demeanor at all times. If you initiate an argument in or out of the courtroom, then it will reflect badly on your character. Even if it is only for a brief moment, it can have a negative impact on the settlement.

Keep a Log of When Your Husband Lies
It can be helpful if you keep a log of when your husband lies during the divorce. If you have documents or records to prove your husband is lying, then it can dispute his testimony and warrant your allegations. If you are not able to provide documents that prove your husband is lying, such as adultery, then be sure to record the time and date your husband lied.

In order to be prepared, it can be helpful to have copies of these documents:
Income tax returns
Monthly bank account statements
Mortgage document
Household utilities and bills
401 (K)

If your husband has lied about child related issues, then it is important to have these documents:
Report cards
School attendance
Teacher reports
Family Therapy Documents

How Husbands can Lie During a Divorce
Many women who have been through a divorce have often dealt with lying husbands. There are common ways husbands lie during a divorce, which include:
Hiding or lying about income
Lying about a wife’s financial contribution to the household
Accusing a wife of adultery
Lying about how joint funds were spent

Furthermore, a husband may lie about his wife having an addiction to drugs or alcohol, being emotionally unfit, or being a negligent mother. In some cases, an attorney may advise a wife, who is accused of being mentally unstable, to take a mental health examination to prove her husband is lying.

There are even husbands who accuse their wives of child abuse and contact social services about the allegations. Although it can be frustrating dealing with a situation like this, keeping your composure and cooperating with child welfare workers is the best way to prove your innocence and prove your husband is lying.

Why You Need an Attorney
If you are going through a divorce, and your husband has lied during mediation, then it is vital to have an attorney represent you. An attorney will protect your rights. If you attain legal representation, then you will be advised of the most effective way to present your evidence.

Without concrete evidence to prove your husband is lying, it can be difficult to prove in court. However, an experienced divorce attorney has more than likely been in similar situations and knows the best way to handle a lying husband. Divorce is never easy, and if your spouse is lying, then it can make it even more difficult. An attorney can ease some of the burden that is accompanied with a divorce, which will make the process less stressful.

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