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Deciding to break up a union or solving critical issues that touch on the relationship is usually difficult once you have decided to share your life with someone else. It involves entering into several contracts at different stages of marriage sometimes. It is vital to involve a qualified family law lawyer to help you navigate the challenges that come with marriages. Staten Island family lawyers will come in handy in several settings. They can help in cases related to child custody, divorce, domestic violence, adoption, LGBT partners, spousal and child support, property division, and visitation.

Divorce and Separation
Marriage is assumed to be a permanent union. This is not always practical. One or both spouses may decide to end the union in some cases. The process is always emotional. A qualified family law attorney can ensure that everything is conducted within the law if you have one. The situation becomes complicated if the process involves children or property. Our family law lawyers help in ensuring that children’s rights are protected while also ensuring that each partner meets his or her obligations. Most family cases in Staten Island involve child support and custody. Having a family lawyer will help in drafting agreements such as separation agreements, file cases, and advise on the best options to resolve a family problem. Marriage related disputes are better solved outside courts sometimes. The collaborative family law will provide the direction of how the situation should be amicably solved in such instances. Our qualified lawyers will diligently lead the negotiation process until a favorable position is reached.

Domestic Violence
Family related challenges go beyond child support and property sharing. A family member can abuse the children, a senior, or a partner sometimes. Domestic violence cases can be dangerous if one has no legal mechanism to prevent the situation. The best way for affected family members to seek help is to file a case in court. The courts will issue a restraint order. An attorney ensures that the order is respected in such circumstance.

Parenting and Child Support
It is usually difficult to agree on who should remain with the children when parents decide to live separately. This is attributed to lack of trust among partners. They often seek an arbiter to help in resolving the issues including who should be the custodian of the children, how many times the other spouse should visit the children, and how much each partner is contributing towards child support. This problem can be sorted out by couples themselves without involving outside parties, but it is not always the approach. The other partner has no legal way of making the other parent to respect the agreement if one spouse fails to meet his or her obligations. A Staten Island family law attorney should be at the inception of separation or divorce to draft agreements and how children will be supported. The family attorney can file a case for breach of contract if one partner stops his or her contributions.

It is important to note that circumstances changes after parties have signed an agreement. It could be for better or worse. New York family law allows for modification of court orders. One partner can seek a modification to be given custody if the other partner becomes abusive or neglects the children. The court will always rule in the best interest of the children. A spouse can seek a modification of the child or spousal support provisions if he or she loses a job. The affected party will institute a modification through the family attorney in any of the above instances. Child custody jurisdiction laws are almost uniform in all states.

Property Sharing
One of the most contested issues in marriage is property division. No one is willing to surrender the resources they have. Problems may arise when the marriage ends if you do not have any form of legal agreement in place. Certain state laws govern the sharing of property. Partners can decide to have proper property division agreement. A family attorney will help in drafting a legally binding prenuptial agreement. The attorney states the percentage that each partner should own after the divorce.

When to contact Family Law Lawyers
There are countless challenges that need to be resolved carefully in the course of one’s marriage. Some problems could be avoided if couples have skilled family law attorneys to advise them on some difficult situations. It is important to note that you can involve your lawyers even when it is too late to solve the problem. It is best to involve family law lawyers as early as you can in order for you to be on the safe side. New York’s family laws are constantly updated. It is better to have a reliable partner who will offer timely advice than relying on assumptions.


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