New York City Guardianship Law Lawyer

Protecting the bond between a father and a child is a worthy pursuit. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, children who grow up fatherless are at a greater risk of engaging in alcohol and drug abuse. The same kids are also at a higher risk of dropping out of school. A chil.. Read More

New York City Joint Custody Lawyer

If you're in the middle of a divorce or custody case, you might wonder if joint custody is an option. Although New York doesn't have any presumption that a child should have joint custody, you can ask the court to consider it and explain why it's the best option for your child. Our New York City .. Read More

New York City Order of Protection Lawyer

Millions of people live in New York City. Some of those persons could be dangerous. Not all dangerous people are strangers. Spouses going through divorce proceedings may find the relationship between them comes with an element of potential or realized violence. Perhaps violent behavior motivates .. Read More

New York Alimony Lawyer

Any time that you are looking to get the most out of a divorce case, you'll need to understand the points that will make it happen smoothly. When you and your spouse are going through the divorce process, hurt feelings can become problematic and make it difficult to go through divorce proceedings.. Read More

New York Alimony Modifications Lawyer

New York law permits the award of alimony in certain situations. There are some limited situations in which an alimony order can be modified. In New York, alimony is also known as maintenance. The term alimony and maintenance are used interchangeably in the state. A New York alimony modification .. Read More

New York Child Support Lawyer

Child support is a monetary amount paid to the custodial parent by the noncustodial parent. This payment is to provide for the child's needs, such as clothing, food and other items that will sustain the well-being. The support can pay for school fees, medical expenses and any activities that the .. Read More

New York Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

Being a stepparent is a special role in any child's life. When you feel like it is time to take the next step and become the legal guardian for your stepchild, there are certain legal processes you should take into account. It is always a good idea to have a lawyer represent you during your stepc.. Read More

New York Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are always stressful and frustrating events. But things don't have to be made worse than they already are. Far too many divorces end up in the court system, where they are adjudicated by a disinterested judge and where all decisions are effectively final. Placing one's future and that of.. Read More

New York Contested Divorce Lawyer

In a country where more than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, the ideal way to handle the dissolution of marriages would be for both parties to agree on a fair distribution of property and amicably go their separate ways. While this ideal case does happen in the real world, all too often, .. Read More

New York Custody Lawyer

Every state has laws that deal with child custody issues. The state of New York has its own set of rules that comply with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. Even though the law is clear, the outcome of any particular custody case will depend on the unique circumstances of.. Read More

New York Divorce Lawyer

When you get married, you think it will be forever. Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes, marriages can crumble without warning. Going through a divorce can be complicated and difficult, so it is important to have an experienced lawyer in New York help you with your case,Spodek Law Group.. Read More

New York Durational Alimony Lawyer

Divorce can be overwhelmingly complex and stressful for all parties involved, especially when they have to go into court to settle matters regarding shared property and finances. Unless otherwise stipulated in a prenuptial agreements, the spouse with a higher income is generally required to make .. Read More

New York Emancipation of Minors Lawyer

The assistance of a capable lawyer can do so much for individuals who are in the middle of certain types of life situations. If you're looking for an attorney who has extensive experience with the emancipation of minors, Spodek Law Group Attorneys at Law in New York, New York can come to your aid.. Read More

New York Equitable Distribution of Assets Lawyer

The division of assets and debts in marriage dissolution proceedings represents one of the most emotionally challenging and legally arduous aspects of a divorce case. For this reason, if you are facing a divorce, you are well served seriously considering engaging the services of a seasoned New Yo.. Read More

New York Father’s Rights Lawyer

There are a number of reasons that you might need a New York father's rights lawyer. You may need to assert your and your child's right to spend time together. You may need to change an existing custody order. In some cases, you might need a father's rights lawyer to help you enforce a custody or.. Read More