can the divorce be retracted?

Divorce is final. Once you’ve signed the papers, agreed to a settlement, and a judge has issued the divorce decree, it’s final. You are no longer married. You no longer have any legal obligation to this person aside from what you agreed to in your divorce settlement, and you are no longer require.. Read More

Can my attorney tell the judge he doesn’t agree with the divorce settlement?

Settling a case is the ultimate goal for the vast majority of lawyers. They really do not wish to prolong the process any more than what is absolutely necessary. At the same time, they do wish to get a deal for their client that is both fair to the client as well as financially rewarding to thems.. Read More

Can returning to court for enforcement cause him to lose his job?

If your ex hasn’t been fulfilling the terms of a divorce agreement, then you can let the court know about it for enforcement. This occurs most often when the divorce agreement includes your ex paying you either spousal supp.. Read More

Can the divorce be modified if retirement wasn’t addressed?

Whether you have been divorced for one month or 15 years, a modification to your divorce decree can be performed to reflect your present-day situation. And, yes, you may petition a New York court to address the issue of retirement benefits in your divorce decree. It is a straightforward process. .. Read More

Can the divorce be overturned if the divorce settlement is violated?

Finalizing a divorce judgment isn't necessarily the end of your divorce journey. You and the other party must still carry out the terms of the judgment. This might mean following a custody and parenting time schedule. It might mean signing a deed to the marital home or transferring titles on othe.. Read More

Can the judge declare me as single before the divorce is final?

Divorce cases represent some of the most emotionally charged and legally challenging of all types of court proceedings in the state of New York, and across the nation. If you have found yourself in a divorce case, you likely routinely find yourself with questions. Indeed, once you think you have .. Read More

Can the mediation papers be changed after both parties sign them?

Mediation is a popular means of coming to a divorce settlement. These papers allow both parties the opportunity to come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial and acceptable. In many cases, mediation is effective. However, there are times when a mediation agreement needs to be changed.It.. Read More

Can we remarry in the future if our marriage is annulled?

When seeking an annulment in New York, there are a number of rules and guidelines that you might not be aware of, which pertain to a wide range of situations that you might encounter in the future. If you believe that you would like to remarry in the future, it's important to be aware of the laws.. Read More

Can we rescind a legal separation and file for a divorce instead?

Yes, you may rescind a legal separation and opt for a divorce instead. This can only be done if the final judgment for legal separation has not been made. If it has, then you will have to formally convert the legal separation into a divorce.The process of turning a legal separation into a dis.. Read More

Can we start the divorce over if I get a new lawyer?

You may be frustrated with the manner in which your divorce case is proceeding. Part of your frustration may center around what you perceive as the performance of your attorney. If that is the case, you may be pondering getting rid of your current attorney and wonder what will happen if you do so.. Read More

Can I start out with a permanent restraining order?

No one plans for their marriage or relationship to end with a restraining order. However, in some cases this is truly the safest and best choice for all parties. Many people wish to get a permanent restraining order against their former significant other. While this is possible, it is not common... Read More

Can we change the settlement agreement if we didn’t use a lawyer?

When you and your spouse come to a settlement agreement on your divorce and submit it to the court, it’s a legally binding contract that you both must follow. However, there are ways you can change it, especially if both.. Read More

Can a divorce go through if a spouse dies before the final judgment?

A divorce can be a long process, lasting months or even years from the first petition to the final judgment. Many things can happen in the intervening time, including the death of the spouse. Things can quickly get complicated if a spouse dies before the divorce is finalized. It is important to b.. Read More